Ariana Grande and Travis Scott give their own heartbreaking tributes to Mac Miller. Post Malone is SLAMMED by The Washington Post. Plus – Takeoff proves he’s the best Migo in his first solo album.
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Who would have thought that someone as stunning as Rita Ora could pull off looking like scruffy “Rockstar” singer Post Malone? The stunning Brit dressed up as the 23-year-old for a pre-Halloween concert performance at London’s KISS Haunted House Party on Oct. 26 and she absolutely nailed his look. Rita, 27, got every detail about Post down to perfection, from his “always tired” facial tattoos to his scraggly hair and beard. We can’t imagine how long it took her to get all of his arm and neck ink put on cause Post is covered in designs.

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Rita Ora Is Unrecognizable In Hilarious Post Malone Halloween Costume — See Pic

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  1. i will be waiting for a new video that talks about yesterdays nickis performance. I mean to be honest if it was cardi that performed yesterday their would have been at least 3 videos out about it, but i guess since it is nicki it doesnt really matter ha. You all so bais

  2. I'm sometimes mad and agreeable that this how is always jealous of every fucking singer rapper or youtuber😅 like bitch someone should make a video about u😲😅

    Srry did I went to far? 🙁

  3. For real?? Like really??
    you see the title and automatically think he got into a car accident?? I think your just as dumb as Post 🤦🏿‍♂️

    HE IS A FUCKING IDIOT that’s what they meant , and with the dumbest face tattoos in the world how could you not automatically know thatts what they meant when they say he is braindead. 🤷🏿‍♂️


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