On this week’s show, I’m bringing you the best ways to measure your health. It’s possibly the most overlooked aspect of health and wellness.

n this politically correct age, measuring your health in some respects has become a bit of a taboo topic. Some people recommend that you don’t do it at all. However, it’s something I feel very strongly about. Having worked in the fitness industry for over twenty years, working with people on all aspects of health, I genuinely believe the most important thing for life long health is to measure some aspect of it.

By measuring something, you can see progress. Even if you don’t improve, being aware of it means you are already that little bit healthier.

So, get your pen and your paper out, because this week’s top tips episode is possibly the most important one, we’ve done to date. I’ll be going through things like resting heart rate, measuring your waistline and the best ways to determine body fat and muscle.

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