Leaked documents show a city district in China pushing companies to get back to work, despite a shortage of face masks and high risk of cross-infection.

The document is a work

It is drafted by the local communist party’s committee of Kuancheng, a district with a population of over six hundred and eighty thousand in the city of Changchun,

All local industries, except those in restaurants and construction sites, are required to reopen by the end of February, the document says.

By February 25th, over sixty percent of medium to large scale companies in Kuancheng had resumed operation. Companies of this scale employ hundreds to tens of thousands of people, and have annual revenues of at least two hundred and eighty thousand dollars.

The document says that as more industries go back to work, demands for protective gear are surging, and the local government is struggling to meet companies’ daily needs.

It says local governments supplied thirty-five hundred face masks for local enterprises. That would prove to even barely fill a large company’s needs for a day.

It’s also difficult to secure face masks independently.

And the gap between supply and demand is huge. An internal document from Changchun’s healthcare security bureau shows on February 17th, city officials released ten thousand masks, but there was demand for over a million on the same day. Chinese authorities insist there have been no new infections in Changchun since February 17th.

Without enough face masks, there’s greater risk of infection.

Despite the challenge of securing face mask supplies, the document says

Earlier this month, a worker in Anhui province was found to be infected with the coronavirus after going back to work. The company was then shut down and over one hundred and seventy close contacts were put in quarantine. Chinese media reported similar cases in other provinces.

Reporting by Juliet Song, NTD News, New York
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  1. Don’t worry for China. The Chinese authorities did a great job to contain the virus. They were in lock down for almost 40days, and the situation has improvement tremendously with those outside wuhan with in case of infrctions

  2. No need to use several masks every day. simple white table salt mixed with water into a paste and painted on outer layer of mask will break the virus structure. layer the mask with paper towel with same OUT facing side with salt paste but NOT towards skin. staple or use paper clip to hold layers inside mask. at nite brush off salt layers rinse with disinfectant; lay out to dry; then repeat salt paste layers next day. source? U of A Professor Salt mask covid19.


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