Scary moment 'possessed' clown doll appears to move on its own


This is the moment a ‘possessed’ clown doll appears to move on its own as it is allegedly haunted by an infant spirit who doesn’t like the toy to be moved. The musical clown, known as Bob, is kept at the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley, Leicester – believed to be the first museum of its kind in the UK. A medium claims there is a little boy attached to the clown who doesn’t like his toy being moved – so will often move it back himself. Eerie CCTV footage shows the clown visibly lurching forwards during a paranormal investigation last month, which the team believe could have been the child moving the doll back into place.

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Date: June 5, 2019

13 thoughts on “Scary moment 'possessed' clown doll appears to move on its own

  1. I have my own doll collection. But every now and then I will have a nightmare about dolls that are possessed by ghosts. I have not seen my own dolls show up very often in these dreams. It seems to be other people's doll or dolls most of the time. I do feel safe that my collection does not have any haunted members. If mine were to come to life I would hope they would be as friendly with me as I have always been with them.

  2. pero que falso eso no prueba nada idiotas nose que le ven a es pequeño movimiento. ese pequeño movimiento lo pueden hacer facilmente con un sistema de movimiento. es igual que todos los supuestos videos de fantasmas supuestamente "probando" que existen los fantasmas si es que alguien se lo cree es que es idiota y no tiene cerebro jajajajajaja me hace reir de lo fake que es

  3. First off NOT a cctv cam but a cell phone video and it HAS been cut to make it APPEAR as IF the doll moved, THIS VIDEO IS FAKED!!! Open your EYES people stop falling for FAKE videos.

  4. Man. Fuck that goodwill reject clown doll.
    Explanation: that lady in the beginning walked by and farted. It took less than a minute for the gas from her ass to send a wall of stench to the doll… thus, knocking the doll off balance.
    Case closed.

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