Fox News host Neil Cavuto criticized President Trump May 3 after Rudolph W. Giuliani said Trump reimbursed his former attorney, Michael Cohen, for a $130,000 payment to adult-film star Stormy Daniels. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Well, well, well, here we are with our backs against the wall and all the man can do is falsely tell all of us that we'll be back in church, shaking hands, hugging and kissing , by Easter Sunday.
    The man is a corporate puppet and panders to the CEOs of the corporate world.
    Get back to work and contaminate your fellow employees and customers.
    Pull your head out of the ground.
    Look around and hope to the powers that be that you don't get sick or infect someone you care about.

  2. Trump has disrespected the great office of the Presidency of The United States of America!! Never have I seen in my life( 60 years) have I experienced a leader of our great country, make a joke out of his service to America, and it's citizens. He is, Of the People, By the People, and For the People, or at least that is how he should be. But then again, he wouldn't understand the concept of the part about FOR THE PEOPLE.

  3. Fox News wow.. for once. He lies all the time and if you aren’t being real news and fact checking you out our country at risk to. People blindly follow him and could be the down fall of our country!

  4. Give him credit for bringing this up, but per usual it fell on deaf ears, plus the news cycle is so fast that it got buried quickly, hence that's why he was even allowed to give his opinion. Sad.

  5. Well …… What do you expect from an obvious narcissistic sociopath . It took fox news long enough to admit the guy they so blindly supported is an immature buffoon . Now how long will it take for the greed driven GOP to admit they did every dirty trick in the book to get this delusional oaf elected and supported every insane and criminal decision he made . Trump is the type of sick person that destroys everything he touches . And now he's the countries leader while we're in the middle of a world wide crisis and all our lives are in this idiots hands . Comforting ain't it .

  6. One day some one vill pop a 45 into his head and that day USA will say about time – CIA —go to work and to what you do best for the contry and god for god sake – this clown is killing the world

  7. Hey , what EVER happened to Giuliani 😲 ? Did he go back to the t.v. show the Munster ? Or found in space 🚀, he would play a hell of a martians 😨, or the devil and the TROLLS . 👹💩👹 oop on the poop ! 🤣😂😅


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