The ‘biggest travel hack’ that very few plane passengers know about

A TRAVEL influencer has lifted the lid on five easy hacks everyone should know about.

Grace Cheng, better known as @gracietravels, took to TikTok to share the savvy advice with other travellers.

Travel influencer Grace Chen revealed five handy travel hacks


Travel influencer Grace Chen revealed five handy travel hacksCredit: Tiktok / @gracietravels
Passengers who book an aisle seat will have the choice of where to sit if they board last


Passengers who book an aisle seat will have the choice of where to sit if they board lastCredit: Tiktok / @gracietravels

Parched passengers will be relieved to find out there is a way around taking water through security.

“First off, I know a lot of people don’t know this but you can actually take a full bottle of water through security,” she began.

“Only if it is frozen because yes, ice is solid and water is liquid so all you’ve got to do is freeze the water before you leave for the airport and before you hit security, just drink whatever has melted.

“And to me personally, I think that’s the biggest hack ever.”

The influencer also demonstrated an ingenious way to know if someone has entered your hotel room.

“All you’ve got to do is tape a hair at the bottom of the door frame and when you come back to your room you’ll see if the hair has been broken or not, and then you’ll know if someone has come in or not,” she explained.

For those who are picky about choosing the best seats on your flights, simply choose an aisle seat and make sure you board last.

This way, you can have your pick from any leftover seats.

“In this case you can opt to choose whatever is available and hopefully you’ll get a row all to yourself so you can just lay down the entire flight,” she continued.

If you travel often for work or leisure, the whizz suggests booking with the same hotel chain, as this can help you nab some plush upgrades.

Finally, she said she had learned to always carry a universal power adaptor.

“When I started travelling this was actually one of my biggest issues,” she said, adding that she had to keep buying different adaptors.

Grace’s advice divided opinion on the social media app.

“These are the best travel hacks omg,” one said.

A second weighed in: “Amazing advice!”

However, discussing the content creator’s water freeze hack, one user offered: “Or just bring an empty bottle through TSA and use their water refilling stations.”

Elsewhere, a flight attendant urged passengers to refrain from picking an unassigned seat.

“This is a pet peeve. You can ask if there’s empty seats, you can’t just sit anywhere,” they said.

It comes as one travel expert revealed the best way to save space while packing your suitcase.

This simple hack will allow holidaymakers extra room to bring along as many items as they want.

In a video shared on TikTok by @melaniethetravelgirl, the organisation whizz assured her followers they’d never have to sacrifice another outfit.

Meanwhile, this clever item will help make walking through the airport a breeze.

Using the same hotel company during your travels could garner rewards


Using the same hotel company during your travels could garner rewardsCredit: Tiktok / @gracietravels

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