In an area straddling Egypt and Sudan, the rise and fall of a great civilization founded on iron.
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  1. I am a descendant of KUSH.
    I am an Oromo. What does she mean we adopted roman style architecture? Is that a joke. Greeks acquired knowledge from us trickled down to Romans. By the way the original name is KMT.
    The Greeks named it Egypt.

  2. Okay, the beginning of every style in architecture, every literary genius and all the culture came from Africa. So what they did with their library, their science and their education. Why for thousands of years you use fresh air for the bathroom, river for the bath and your dwellings are primitive. Where is your culture? What did you do with your science ? Why African continent is a symbol of depravation, illiteracy and cruelty!.

  3. This video is ignorant, poorly researched and continues the proliferation of lies. If you're going to report on history, a story that belongs to all of us equally, do so without bias and "racial" agendas. Erasing or prefabricating portions of the past is damaging to all of us, not just descendants of the continents that some corporations and institutions try so desperately and vehemently to disenfranchise. While I hate that we've replaced quality physical media with social media and blogs, I'm actually glad that NatGeo is no longer the go to standard for information…because of stuff like this.

  4. Yeah, Ethiopia crushed the Kush and conquered apart of Yemen for nearly a century. They were one of the four world powers during 1st C.E ~ 7th C.E…We will regain our rightful place again.

  5. Simple question. If ancient Egyptians were European, why didn't they speak an Indo-European language? If they were Arabs/Jews from Arabia, why didn't they speak a Semitic language. They spoke an Afro-Asiatic language and drew themselves as brown/black. Consistent with the Nilotic, Cushitic and Semitic populations that lived along the Nile Valley.


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