The popular hotel perk that is being scrapped – and it will cost you

COMFY beds, mini toiletries and a buffet breakfast are some of the highlights of staying at a hotel.

However, the complimentary hotel breakfast could soon be on the way out – unless you want to pay extra for it.

A free hotel breakfast isn't always guaranteed


A free hotel breakfast isn’t always guaranteedCredit: Getty

Most hotels in the UK – excluding budget chains and aparthotels – traditionally come on a B&B basis, meaning breakfast is included in the price.

This ranges from a continental option to a full cooked menu.

But one travel writer says it has become a “worrying trend” where hotels now charge for breakfast – even if paying a huge amount for a room.

Writing for The Times, Cathy Adams slammed a hotel in Monaco where a suite cost £1,300 a night – but breakfast was only included “to the value of £44” which got little more than toast, some pastries and coffees.

She said it was the same in the UK too.

A London hotel charging £7,070 for their best suite still doesn’t include breakfast – and you’ll have to fork out another £34.

And it’s not the only problem with hotel breakfasts, according to travellers.

Early breakfast hours, especially on weekends, are becoming more popular, which isn’t ideal if you fancy a lie-in after a big night out – as you will miss out.

Even fancy hotels are charging guests for breakfast


Even fancy hotels are charging guests for breakfastCredit: Getty

Writer Natalie Reilly said she recently stayed at a hotel where the buffet breakfast hours were from “6am to 9am”.

She added: ” If I’m on holiday, I don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn so I can elbow out some tween for hash browns.

“Maybe I want to sleep in until 2pm, wander down and order some poached eggs with a coffee at 3pm.

“If it’s included in my rate, I’m entitled to it aren’t I?

“I want to relax and go at my own pace. Isn’t that what hotels are supposed to be all about? It’s a resort, not a dorm room.”

She said the only other option is to order room service instead – which will also cost hundreds more over a holiday.

Other ways guests try to get their money’s worth from hotel buffets is to take some of the items for later.

While this is often accepted, some hotels are cracking down on pastry stealers.

One hotel boss in Australia told Stuff NZ: “We’ve caught quite a few guests wrapping up our scrumptious desserts and pastries in serviettes and sneaking them into their handbags for a snack later on.

“We kindly request that they leave the buffet items where they belong – in their satisfied bellies.”

An etiquette expert said the best way to do it without getting in trouble is to not take too much, and to do it towards the end of the food service.

If you want to save money, we’ve revealed how you can get breakfast from a 4* hotel for just £3 – without having to stay there.

Here are the most expensive hotel breakfasts in the world, with one serving eggs on toast for a huge £78.

Before you book your hotel, you may want to check what the B&B option is to avoid missing out


Before you book your hotel, you may want to check what the B&B option is to avoid missing outCredit: Getty

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