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Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard hits out at contestant over prize and tells her ‘don’t turn your nose up at it’

TIPPING Point’s Ben Shephard hit out at a contestant over her prize and told her ‘don’t turn your nose up at it’.

Thursday’s edition of the ITV quiz show saw contestant Carla fail to make it through to the head to head round.

Ben Shephard hit out at a Tipping Point contestant and told her ‘not to turn her nose up’ at a prize

Ben said: “Carla, you gave it a great shot but I’m afraid with £650 you have found your tipping point.”

She replied of her fellow contestants Nathan and Andrew: “The boys are just too good at the questions for me.”

In the earlier round, Carla had won a mystery prize, so wasn’t going home completely empty-handed.

Ben told her: ““You know what though, you have won your bottomless brunch.”

Carla had failed to make it through to the head to head
Carla was reminded that she had won a mystery prize of a bottomless brunch in an earlier round

Carla admitted: “I forgot about that!” to which Ben hit back: “Don’t turn your nose up to the bottomless brunch.”

With a smile Carla replied: “Not at all”, before the rest of the show continued without her.

In the end, it was Andrew who proved victorious, winning £10,000 in the final round.

Earlier this week, viewers couldn’t stop cringing after a contestant purred ‘come to mama!’ leaving host Ben red-faced.

Tipping Point fans cringe when contestant Mary said "come to mama"
Earlier in the week a contestant had viewers cringing as she said ‘come to mama’ to get her counters over the Tipping Point

Contact centre manager Mary left viewers of the ITV gameshow feeling rather awkward after she let out the cheeky catchphrase in a bid to will her counters over the tipping point.

Viewers cringed at the comment as one tweeted: “Mary saying come to mama #tippingpoint”, with was accompanied by GIF which read: “Nope, don’t be like that.”

This fan wrote: “Come to momma”, followed by several sick face emojis.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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