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  1. I absolutely LOVE my president! But I'm cautious. The same day I slapped "Keep America Great!" on the bumper, I dropped a 20M-volt taser into my glovebox. I'm in a little county with 1 million people within a large metropolis, and Trump won here. There's a Where's Waldo challenge for ya. But a few months back, someone was sucker-punched in traffic because of a Trump sticker. I'm prepared.

  2. wow no wonder people not interested in your news. very negative and insulting. won't bother to look up your website again. sad stick to truth and be more positive. Pres Trump best American has had. don't forget, keep reminding yourselves. if things change and USA becomes a socialist country, you will be there and see what a socialist country is really like. Pray for you to see the truth and be truthful with your supporters. God bless America, God bless Pres Trump and God bless Israel.

  3. It's amazing how tuff and quipping everyone on here, commenting, can be, but have NO earthly idea as to what you're talking about. You should be on your knees begging for forgiveness and thanking these brave men for what each and everyone of them do for EACH OF YOU every single day!! I guarantee that not a single person on here, with their sarcastically idiotic and foley remarks, would know what to do in the least bit if one of these illegal criminals darkened you doorstep. It amazes me that such blithely ignorant people can even figure out how to breath oxygen.

  4. I hope that the UK does not help the USA out any more when they get themselves stuck in wars that they start besides they tell lies about the 2nd World War any way. They make out that they won it but the truth is if pearl harbour never got bombed they would never get themselves involved it & it would have took the British longer but still would have won the 2nd World War without the USA help.

  5. I like Mr. President of USA, Donald J Trump…..
    Because of massive wall built in between USA and Mexico…
    To be control smuggling and illegal activities from the cross border areas..
    For those purposes massive wall too useful for USA..

  6. Is Govt of USA built massive wall in between USA and Mexico…
    Because I didn't knew about any of those things, some of them teasing Govt of USA…
    Is President of USA already built massive wall in between USA and Mexico….
    Too good for massive wall in between USA and Mexico because lots of misappropriate activities can be control by Govt of USA.

  7. Tadaaaaaa. Surprise, it's me Donald and i brought a free slice of pizza and my favorite McDonalds Hamburger for everyone who's not getting paid during the shutdown. I got no more time to talk or i'll miss my plane to Mar a Lago.


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