See the 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks EVER:

Four tons of rage goes on a rampage when an elephant
bursts through an open gate, charges and attempts to trample a zookeeper.



  1. I believe he did something to her or he looks identical to a guy who did mean things to her or something! In every case recorded…we've eventually seen that the humans have done something to hurt or scare the elephant and warrants the attack😪💔.

  2. Its don't think it's the elephants fault you must of done something. And ALSO WHY?? People only blame animals for stuff it's like with a horse. if it fell down then people would blame the horse. It's not the elephants fault

  3. I have so many questions. What led to this. Why was he in there in the first place. Why was that gate open. He clearly made several mistakes because animals like this don't just attack out of nowhere, they have to feel threatened first. And this elephant clearly felt verry threatened or something because not only did it attack david, it kept going afted him and tried to kill him instead of just scaring him away from the group

  4. She was protecting her herd. The guy was afraid of her before she attacked, meaning they had some negative encounter before. The end of the video where they talk about "reprimanding" her, means these handlers are in the habit of using force to control these animals. They had a bull hook right handy there too, almost like they use that often on them. Shady zoo. Why was the guy in there to begin with?

  5. I think Cindy had issues from where she came from, socialization & such. Elephants used to ppl are different from their wild brethren. She acted like a wild one. He was brave though, when he got under that other elephant I kept thinking if it was me I'd grab a leg, wrap my arms & legs around it & hang on for dear life lol!

  6. To all the people who are saying… the elephant remembered what the zookeeper did in the past.. OK but isn't the zookeeper smart enough to know that he might be a Target if he attacked her previously? I mean he is trained to work with Elephants..


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