Unusual £6 travel item families rave about when going on group holidays

FAMILIES are losing their minds over a £6 travel item that is perfect for taking on group holidays.

The portable laundry tool has been called “genius” by travellers as they scramble to order theirs before jetting out over Christmas.

The portable clothing line is available from Amazon for just £5.27


The portable clothing line is available from Amazon for just £5.27

On Amazon, an incredible portable and retractable clothesline is currently on a Black Friday offer – with a price tag of just £5.27.

Listed under Amazon’s Choice, the clothing line features 12 clothes pegs and is perfect for indoor and outdoor laundry drying.

This handy accessory will save holidaymakers from having to throw their swimming costumes and towels over the backs of chairs and door pegs.

According to the Amazon listing, more than 300 have been purchased in the last month alone, and the clothesline has racked up an impressive 4.3-star rating.


The multi-colour stainless steel pegs are attached to a sturdy rope, with hooks on each end – making hanging up the line a walk in the park.

The advert claims that the “heavy duty” product can be attached anywhere, including the house, balcony, bathroom, backyard, hotels, and students’ dormitories.

The seller also explained that the anti-skid clips are windproof and designed with positioning beads – meaning they can move smoothly from left to right.

“The black rope is stretchy can be stretch up to 10 to 12 feet, no need to worry that clothes bunching up together due to weight or wind and improves drying effect,” they added.

As the item is small and light-weight, it can simply fit into backpacks and travel bags.

Customers have been left impressed with the portable clothesline and which has received a glittering five-star rating for value for money.

One happy customer said: “I was mystified by the movable rubber stops next to the moveable pegs but they were genius”.

Another wrote: “These are brilliant, we had them going from one end of our tent to the other, really useful way to get damp clothes/tea towles hung up and dried”.

A third commented: “This washing line was super for hanging our wet swim clothes and towels on our balcony”.

“This was a replacement for our old travel washing line. It’s really strong and durable. We took it on our cruise and put it across the balcony,” added another.

One more chimed in: “Took this on safari to South Africa, we had nights in tents where this was amazing to hand between them to dry clothes or to air towels”.

But the handy retractable clothing line isn’t the only holiday essential sending shoppers into a frenzy.

A fashion stylist who often travels for her job revealed her top packing tip – and it costs just 20p.

Alexa Pontello, from LA, said her bargain hack is to always pack a plastic bag – especially if going to a hot country.

A plastic bag can be bought for as little as 20p at the supermarket, and is a great way to reuse them.

Another smart traveller revealed a clever and cheap way to store luggage before a flight and it only costs a few pounds.

Raimee Iaconfano explained that by using an app called Nannybag, she was able to walk around her holiday city with no bags as she was able to drop them off at a local luggage storage centre.

And airline passengers have been going crazy for a £2 item that makes baggage claim much quicker.

Luggage straps in a range of bright colours are being flogged for just £8 for a pack of four, and they help keep your suitcase safe and easy to spot.

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