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  1. ok – just coming in late after seeing him w/ Owen Schroyer on War Room/InforWars – this is great. It is an upgrade over the Superbowl commercial with Tom Hanks 4SURE! (and thanks for the SOTU clip as well – very inspired and I had to search for it after it was rejected on YT also).

    This is a new game alright – and the MSM is failing and falling faster than I can keep track/or imagine.

  2. Agree! I was happy to see Tim Pool at 0:33. He IS a journalist… There aren't any of them around these days on MSM. I think most journalists are now independent YouTubers. Tim is one of the greats.

  3. what could be more ironic then fake news desperately making an add to prove they are NOT fake news but it ends up just proving that they are biased one sided fake news … oh the delicious irony

  4. Notice this video is allowed dislikes and has a tally, but the actual washington post ad wont show you the numbers. Youtube is trying to control your mind.


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