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  1. Неплохо, мультикультурализм добрался и до голубой крови английской короны. Не одной же Германии страдать и сдавать свои позиции перед мигрантами))

  2. Maghan is a snake
    She went up those steps like nobodies business.
    THEN she zipped through those vows so fast…can't help but think she was thinking; i gotta get up those damn steps, grab charles
    To walk me ( although i don't need any help )
    Say vows and try to show emotion and then I'm QUEEN i mean duchess damn it.

  3. I'd watch William and Kate's again and again, but not this. Meghan is nothing on Kate. She looks wrong, and already causing problems with her manipulative, authoritarian ways.

  4. I still believe that Harry married Megan just to get back at the senior members of the royal family for how they treated Diana what better way to get back at them than to marry a black woman older than himself who was married before and it's from America well done Harry

  5. The most disappointing day in the British Monarchy. A tired old slut who conned her way in.

    Who would have thought an American divorcee, simulating sex on screen followed by a horrible family and a father who she didn't invite to the wedding was going to be in the monarchy. I am literally praying he divorces her and fast… The quicker she fucks off back to some D grade role she obviously came from, the better…

  6. Aqui estan con la delincuente del robo de todo. Madera y de la cartura de Facebook cuando el del Facebook estaba en la corte todo esto lo testifico con el poder de maestro padre jesucristo Amen

  7. This is a abomination to the church of England. Lay down our nationality, our identity. We're NO LONGER ENGLISH! England has been extinguished. It's all fake now

  8. 7:35:45 Prince William to Harry "There's no backing out now bro, grandmas mortgaged Windsor castle and shii to pay for these shenanigens"
    Harry looks at Williams head, where his hairline has retreated to the back of his bonce, after 6 yrs marriage n 3 kids, hair is nowhere!
    "Shii bro, am so glad am buds with Elton John, he knows da best wig makers in the world and looking at you after 6 yrs marriage, i guess am gonna need em."
    William sighs "Yeh!"


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