Hours after being acquitted of impeachment charges, President Trump delivers remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. The event is attended by Christian lawmakers and others founded as an attempt to display reconciliation and bridge-building. Read more: https://wapo.st/2txWh5x. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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  1. Maybe this is why Trump and Pence did nothing to stop the Covid19 virus from spreading because these two morons were praying. Religious beliefs are ignorant primitive superstition and Pence and Trump are perfect examples of ignorant and primitive.

  2. BOOO!! DONALD TRUMP IS A TYRANT! THE FAKE PRESIDENT AND HIS GOP FLUNKIES ARE NOT CHRISTIAN! ~ EVERY CHILD IS MADE EQUAL, EXCEPT FOR THE BROWN COLORED FAMILIES HE SEPARATED AND LOCKED UP FOR A MISDEMEANOR? IGNORING THEIR RIGHT AS REFUGEES! ~ What about the many BROWN babies, toddlers, kids and teens Donald Trump separated from their parents and locked both parents and children up n cages with no plan of reuniting them. Zero plans. And now today Donald Trump has a Gestapo of his own! ~ They are praying for bigger and better while Donald Trump refuses/neglects to provide these children with basic needs like toothbrushes and daily baths to stay clean. Many of these kids have died under the watch of the Trump Administration. But Trump's lip service will deny it and claim the opposite. ~ His supporters are quick to excuse Trump's actions and give more attention to when and where the cages came from. Never mind holding Trump accountable. Donald Trump is a zero accountability POTUS and a FAKE CHRISTIAN!! ~ No more hoping for the complicit and implicated GOP to change, they are Trump's criminal criminal flunkies and must be voted out of Washington! ~ VOTE BLUE THIS 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!! WE WILL IMPEACH HIM WITH OUR VOTES!

  3. Speaker had some good points but was very general about what it meant to love one's enemies. Plus, I think its a TWO WAY street. Can't work with someone when they are so hostile. The only thing you can do is, not return evil with evil, but with good, pray for them, be wise as serpents but gentle as doves, and keep entrusting oneself to the Father, who says Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord, I will repay. Thankful President Trump keeps seeking to do what is right despite persecution. Yes, we NEED to continue to pray for him and others.

  4. The dems want your guns, your money, your property, decide what to teach your children, decide what religion you have and they have literally said so. Obama said if Congress doesn't act he will and he did. That's a dictator. They call Trump a dictator? People actually want this? Mexico has done more for us than they have to help protect us. Fear, hate and shaming is how they are trying to win. Electing people based on feelings is stupid. Before Trump we knew our politicians were corrupt. After trump they showed themselves and as a bonus MSM exposed themselves also. If people can't see this is the swamp fighting back then they fell for the fear and hate campaign. MSM has turned themselves into prostitutes who worked for their socialist pimps AKA censored State ran media. Truth is meaningless and  when they decided to use their position for propaganda to influence others they stopped being news. These MSNBC, CNN, ABC and even a few on Fox, etc. don't even know what love is.  90% of their news is filled with hate. How do you love someone who is trying to destroy you? I am trying. That's what trump was saying but they will tell you different.

  5. This made me sick have no respect for any preacher setting on that pannel that they would allow someone to be attacked in such a way there was no love in that room he is full of hate and only uses god when its convenient for him it make me sick

  6. During president Obama National Prayer Breakfast was conducted traditionally, but right now it was conducted meaningfully. For most of those people presented there if not all, they were much aware of their need of God.

  7. Check out Rudy Guiliani's new podcast. He just dropped a BOMBSHELL on the Ukraine investigation. Ole pervy Joe Biden may want to take a peek too and lawyer up. Tick tock…

  8. Where does he mention Jesus? Anywhere? Anything about accepting Jesus as his Savior?
    Since he has publicly denied Jesus twice while saying he loves God, I would love to hear him recant that view before I consider him a Christian. Because many in the day they stand before Hid will say , “I’ve done all these great works in the name of God” but they will still hear our Father say “Depart from me, I never knew you”….because they denied His Son, Jesus.
    Pray for our President…I fear he is one of theses the Bible speaks of. 😢

  9. Overall the applause is pretty feeble.. Do you think the 'Family' are worried that collectively they got it badly wrong promoting this God-less creature. To my mind, Trump's malicious ramblings in this speech has just totally exposed their bad faith in backing him- surely they must know by now that Trump will never come good no matter how much they pray for him or no matter that he 'does his best' .

    See Netflix film 'The Family' about the  Fellowship, (they set up the National Prayer breakfast in the first place back in the 50's),  'an enigmatic conservative Christian group known as the Family that wields strong influence in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of its global ambitions'.

  10. Thank you Respected House Speakers Nancy Pelosi for speaking out regarding missing His holiness the Penchen Lama and Tibetan monks on such a big occasion (in front of President). Although I doubt, he has no idea where Tibet is located.


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