Playing Pennywise in IT and IT Chapter 2 changed Bill Skarsgard forever. Subscribe to our channel:

Acting can be quite an interesting profession, all things considered.Throwing yourself into a role, embodying a character completely, it’s something that takes true talent and drive. Two things that Pennywise himself, Bill Skarsgard, has in spades.

However, acting can also be an unexpectedly dangerous craft, with characters sometimes leaving lasting impacts on an actor’s psyche. Sure, acting isn’t dangerous like being a soldier or deep sea welder or lion tamer, but it’s a different kind of dangerous. Especially when the character is as out there and fully realized as Pennywise. And Pennywise definitely has left its mark on Skarsgard, in ways you might not expect.

Not sure what we mean? Well, keep watching and find out how Pennywise, has changed Skarsgard’s life.

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  1. Bill Skarsgard Was acting off right now i was over at the movie making place and he was laughing randomly and smiling randomly and Was talking to himself staring at a wall or sometimes the mirror or at the ground or at the sky or to himself

  2. Bill does get nightmares of actually turning into Pennywise and eating children and I say that’s very sad and I feel so bad and it’s actually depressing. And now I’m crying because I feel bad and I wanna give him a hug


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