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Woman discovered ex was a paedophile after checking his Instagram

Woman discovered ex was a paedophile after checking his Instagram
Louis Davison’s ex-girlfriend thought he had cheated because he’d spent a lot of time on his phone (Picture: NCJ Media/Getty Images)

A woman who suspected her ex-boyfriend had cheated checked his Instagram messages to find he was a paedophile.

Louis Davison, 22, pretended to be 15, to ask girls as young as 13 if he could watch them masturbate and discussed having sex with them.

The vile predator lied about his advances, telling police ‘it was all a ruse to get out of his relationship’, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

But he was sent to prison for two years after later admitting using fake profiles to send ‘dirty’ messages’ as ‘it was more likely the girls would respond’.

The truth came out after Davison’s girlfriend began to harbour suspicions of an affair as he was always glued to his phone.

They broke up but his ex still had access to his Instagram account so decided to check his messages, prosecutor Emma Dowling said.

She was ‘shocked’ to find her former partner, then 20, had asked a girl who said she was 13 to send videos of her touching herself.

Ms Dowling told the court: ‘She replies “okay” and a video is sent.’

Speaking of another conversation in 2019, Ms Dowling said: ‘She replies she’s 15. He asks her what sexual activity she’s engaged in and if she would masturbate during the conversation. He asks for photos and video and she sends one.’

In another exchange on Instagram the same year, Davison asked to watch a girl who said she was 13 masturbate, but she replied she was ‘only 13’.

A woman checked her ex-boyfriend?s Instagram account for evidence of cheating and found he had used fake profiles to initiate sex chat with underage girls. Louis Davison pretended to be 15 years old to engage in explicit conversations with girls aged from 13 to 15 on the social media site. Louis Davison
The predator asked girls as young as 13 to send explicit videos (Picture: ncjMedia Ltd)
Newcastle UK: 19th July 2020: Closed Law Courts during lockdown on Newcastle Quayside
Davison said the girls were ‘more likely to respond’ if he used a fake profile, Newcastle Crown Court heard (Picture: Getty Images)

Ms Dowling said: ‘He asks what sexual activity she’s engaged in and again asks her to watch him masturbate, but she refuses.

‘Chat logs show he tried to contact other young girls but they refuse to engage in such conversation with him.’

The two girls from the conversations in 2019 were tracked down by police, but officers couldn’t trace the 13-year-old Davison spoke to the year before.

Penny Hall, defending, said Davison ‘can’t explain why he got himself into conversation with younger people’.

She added that he was ‘still a young man’ who had a ‘level of immaturity and naivety’.

He was sentenced to two years after pleading guilty to one count of attempting to incite a 13-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity, and two counts of sexual communication with underage females.

Judge Robert Adams said his offences were ‘too serious for a suspended sentence’.

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