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World’s bloodiest election sees DECAPITATED HEAD thrown at voting station as bombs and gunfire plague Mexico polls

A DECAPITATED head was hurled at a Mexican voting station while plastic bags filled with body parts, including human hands, were found nearby.

Grenades were also hurled at voters as dozens have been killed in what is being dubbed the world’s bloodiest mid-term election. 


Members of the National Guard keep watch the a scene where unknown assailants left a plastic bag with human remains near a polling station[/caption]


A soldier look on as vehicles arrive carrying voting booths and electoral boxes ahead of midterm elections in Nahuatzen, Mexico[/caption]


Troops at the scene of a poling booth where a chopped off head was found[/caption]

Mexico’s election has been one of the most violent in its history, with 97 politicians slaughtered and 935 attacked, according to security consultancy Etellekt.

The perpetrators of this gruesome violence are Mexico’s organised crime syndicates and drug cartels.

They want to take over municipal governments and local economies.

Mexican media has been running daily stories of kidnappings, murders of candidates, threats, and bombings.

On Saturday, five election volunteers were ambushed and slaughtered on a country road while transporting voting materials.

A government electoral agency worker was shot dead in Tlaxcala state, near Mexico City.

An inactive grenade was thrown into a voting station in Mexico State and armed men stole electoral material from a polling place in Sinaloa.

Three dozen candidates were killed during the campaigns.

Almost all of the victims were running for one of the 20,000 local posts including mayors and town council up for grabs in 30 states. 


A vogte is cast in Nahuat community of Ayahualtempa, Guerrero state, Mexico,[/caption]


Forensic technicians work at a scene where unknown assailants attacked the truck of the campaign team of Guillermo Valencia, in Morelia, in Michoacan state[/caption]


Forensic investigators work at a scene where assailants left a package and a threat message taped to the gate of the house of Leticia Castillo, a candidate of the Social Encounter Party[/caption]

In Guanajuato state, Mexico’s most violent, a woman who stepped in as mayoral candidate after her mother was murdered won an overwhelming victory in the town of Moroleon.

As people queued up to vote in the Terrazas del Valle area of Tijuana, a man hurled a box containing a human head yesterday morning.

The suspect fled and is being hunted by cops. 

All 500 seats in the lower house of the federal Congress are up for grabs along with 15 state governorships and thousands of local leadership positions in the country with 93.5 million Mexicans eligible to vote.

Observers are describing the election as the largest and most competitive in Mexico’s history.


Citizen policemen stand in guard at Nahuat community of Ayahualtempa, Guerrero state[/caption]


People queue to cast their votes while community policing stand guard at a polling station in Nahuat community of Ayahualtempa[/caption]

The CJNG is known for its extreme displays of public violence - including hanging decapitated bodies from bridges
Extreme displays of public violence – including hanging decapitated bodies from bridges – are the cartel’s trade mark method of public intimidation

Members of the National Guard and police officers ride atop vehicles carrying voting booths and electoral boxes[/caption]

Cartels have been blamed for the most blood election in the world as they bid to take over local government

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is himself not in the running but hoping to gain congressional supermajority for his governing National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party and allies.

Preliminary results indicate the president’s coalition held its control of the Congress in midterm elections but lost its supermajority in the lower house.

Morena party won between 190 and 203 seats following election day, according to projections.

Eyepix / Polaris

The president of Morena , Mario Delgado, celebrates the victory[/caption]

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