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Get the Results. | Impact Quotes

The Importance Of Education – Justin Bland

Your Life is a Result of Vision and Hard Work | Impact Quotes

Knowledge is the Ultimate Superpower | Impact Quotes


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Mariana’s Study Corner:



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Hubble Space Telescope



Tom Bilyeu



Really Slow Motion – Galaxy Falling
Really Slow Motion – Sequencer
Really Slow Motion – Event Horizon

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►EDUopinions is the new way to connect students from around the world and help them find their ideal studies through genuine student opinions. Add your University and Rate it today:

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  1. what I don't understand is the why behind it all. I struggle and keep struggling because someone tells me that I have to compete with others. that competition is directing my life. it's not what I want but what the rest of the world pushes me into. I find that hardly motivating. maybe I haven't reached my goals yet but why can't I just chill and enjoy what the universe has to offer?

  2. I listen to one of these everyday once I wake up. I don't want anybody stealing my dreams. Ill work harder than the person in front of me. Then the person in front of them. I'll keep going until it's only me that's in the front line. It's always you or your enemy. And most times… That enemy is you.

  3. If only you knew how much this video and your words mean to me. I've been listening to this for almost 10 months now at least 3 times a week, it keeps me going when things get tough at school and all I want to do is just quit. Hopefully I will make it through this year

  4. in the university , first semester 9.16 , second semester 9.50 , i'm passed to the WAITING EXAMS SESSION to succeed my year, this summer i got SERIOUS PLANS , the plans that will set all THE WORLD in working hard .. EVERYONE OF YOU will earn my international favor LEVEL , those WAITING EXAMS SESSION are the only struggle in backing to my big project, i have to succeed this YEAR … wish me luck.

  5. I can't thank you enough for this video, you have no idea how much it changed my life. I listen to it everytime I sit down to study and especially on the days when I'm just tired and want to quit to keep me going. This speech is a real inspiration

  6. This is really helpful for present and in the future. My exams are coming up and I hope I'll be able to pass them all, I already failed my mocks, in the future I'm thinking about doing performing arts yet I can't stand infront of a stage with people surrounding it but after this video I know I can do it, even if it'll take me a long time I will overcome my fear


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